Wholesale Distribution

- January 14, 2013

Control, Visibility and Collaboration – PRONTO-Xi the right fit for your distribution business

With intense pressure to reduce costs, innovate products and expand into new markets, wholesale distributors today are looking to effectively streamline the supply chain processes and improve access to accurate information to gain the competitive edge.

Boasting a customer-first approach, Pronto offers close collaboration with our customers to ensure agile response to needs. Our ability to deliver a tried and tested industry compliant solution is strengthened by our strategic alliance with GS1.

Using PRONTO-Xi Distribution, companies can do more with less. PRONTO-Xi is a scalable and integrated system that helps businesses gain greater control over their operations and better visibility of their inventory. It allows you to be confident of success when working with trading partners – with modules such as EDI, Scanpack, Shipments and WMS.