Business Intelligence

- January 14, 2013

PRONTO-Xi Business Intelligence provides a series of solutions and tools to transform what would otherwise be unmanageable volumes of data into easily understood, valuable information to help drive quicker, more informed business decisions. At Pronto, our philosophy has always been to simplify IT, so we’ve done all the resource intensive, time consuming and highly technical work normally associated with the integration of a BI solution to deliver PRONTO-Xi ready to go with an embedded IBM Cognos 10 BI solution, saving you substantial time and integration costs.

More than 23,000 leading companies and organisations globally use IBM Cognos to help them understand their business performance and make better decisions. This capability is available to all PRONTO-Xi users out of the box.

PRONTO-Xi users have instant access to powerful BI capabilities such as quick and simple ad hoc querying, business dashboards, and sophisticated report authoring toolkits and analytics applications, all from a single, intuitive user interface.

Business Intelligence allows you to:

  • Manage best practices to drive efficiency throughout the organisation and reduce risk;
  • Access knowledge and information needed to drive competitive advantage;
  • Monitor tactical initiatives to measure their effectiveness against the strategic plan;
  • Capture ‘one version of the truth’ and thereby eliminate information silos within the business;
  • Link qualitative information and relevant quantitative information.
  • Drive business value and outperform competitors.