Scylla software


cylla is a software application designed to handle Distribution Corporation’s management information system, in field of operations and administration. With this application administrative workload will be reduced and whilst have a control over pricing, discount, stock, receivables and good operating costs and efficient. This application software is designed in such a way that can be used by companies in all sizes small or large scale companies. This application provides reporting facility required by the distribution companies, among others is: daily, weekly and monthly reports. These reports includes: sales reports, stock reports, accounts payable reports and analysis reports that usable as a basis for decision making. There are two types of Scylla:

This software is installed in the central office, primarily used to handle:
  • Master Data Standardization, the master data can be configured in the head office and then sent to each distributor to put into the Scylla Pro.
  • Data Consolidation in head office, where all data obtained from Scylla Pro, used by scattered distributors / branches.


  • Standardizing Distributors/Branches operation
  • Managing Price, Discount & Promotion Policy
  • Managing Distributors/Branches Stock Level
  • Monitoring Distributors/Branches Operation and Achievement
  • Monitoring Distributors/Branches A/R
  • Monitoring Distributors/Branches Performance
Scylla Professional installed in each distributor or distribution branch who handles transaction to an outlet.


  • Multi user, as a client-server base software, this application can be used simultaneously by several users at the same time.
  • Online Stock Update, all sales and stock mutation activities will be updated directly into the inventory, so the stock position will always be updated.
  • Unit of Measurement, there are 3 levels of Units of measurement (packaging) per product which user can define specifically for each product item with the conversion of units for each level.
  • Discount systems, variant of discount facility available are; volume discount, quantity discount and promotion.
  • Multi Level Security Access, allows the system administrator to make authorization for each user in accordance with their level of authority.
  • Data Extraction, this facility is available for data consolidation or data requirements for other applications, the data extraction facility are provided for retrieving needed transaction data.


  • Master data, contains the master data required by the system to operate properly.
  • Inventory module, handles the movement / transfer of stocks which occur both for entry and exit of mutations, all transactions will be recorded by the system.
  • Purchase Order module, handles supplier’s purchasing issues. The process can be done automatically by the system or with manual inputs to the system.
  • Sales module, used to handle the three ways of sales: Canvassing Sales, Order Taking Sales and Consignment Sales.
  • Accounts Receivable module, used to handle and monitor customer account receivables.
  • Accounts Payable module, used to monitor the distributor debt to suppliers.
  • Cash & Bank module, provided to assist distributor’s needs to monitor financial activities, both in cash and bank
  • General Ledger module, this module is the estuary of all transactions that occur on any existing modules, which are inputted from transactions. A journal will be created and processed and then presented in the financial statements.
  • Report analysis, this module will compile sales analysis reports according to inputted transaction data.


  • Designed for Fast Moving Consumer Good Industry
  • Accommodate Local Business Practice
  • Support Canvassing, Modern Trade, Consignment Operations
  • Efficient Route Management
  • Advance Pricing
  • Multiple Promotion Structure
  • User Defined Pricing and Discount Policy
  • Flexible analysis and reporting options
  • Multi warehouse System
  • Support Mobile Computing
  • Integrated system modules eliminates redundant data entry