Pronto Xi


ronto-Xi is comprehensive yet cost effective, with broad business application and the deep functionality that only decades of expertise can deliver. Pronto-Xi includes fully integrated business functionality covering Accounts, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders (SO and PO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Warehouse Management (WMS), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Retail Point-of-Sale (POS), Facilities Management (FM), Manufacturing (MRP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and other related functions.

Pronto-Xi modules are written and maintained to ensure that transactions captured in one area of the software are fully accounted for in another. The benefit to you is a seamless flow of information within your business to save you time and money.

A growing and dynamic business like yours could face several challenges, including:

  • managing multiple business software products that do not talk to each other;
  • manual or overlapping processes that cause staff to lose or re-key data;
  • growing pains associated with expansion or acquisition;
  • financial visibility and controls
Pronto-Xi can help you take control of key operational and financial performance indicators – enabling you to manage growth. Our scalable and robust Pronto-Xi system will increase your agility and sustain your success.

PRONTO-Xi delivers core operational systems to a wide range of industry sectors. It enables full integration of a wide range of applications and ensures that transactions captured in one area of the software are fully accounted for in another. The benefit is a seamless flow of information within your business that saves you time and money.


  • Business Intelligence
  • Facilities Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Bussiness
  • Wholesale Distribution

PRONTO-Xi Business Intelligence provides a series of solutions and tools to transform what would otherwise be unmanageable volumes of data into easily understood, valuable information to help drive quicker, more informed business decisions. At Pronto, our philosophy has always been to simplify IT, so we’ve done all the resource intensive, time consuming and highly technical work normally associated with the integration of a BI solution to deliver PRONTO-Xi ready to go with an embedded IBM Cognos 10 BI solution, saving you substantial time and integration costs.

More than 23,000 leading companies and organisations globally use IBM Cognos to help them understand their business performance and make better decisions. This capability is available to all PRONTO-Xi users out of the box.

PRONTO-Xi users have instant access to powerful BI capabilities such as quick and simple ad hoc querying, business dashboards, and sophisticated report authoring toolkits and analytics applications, all from a single, intuitive user interface.

Business Intelligence allows you to:

  • Manage best practices to drive efficiency throughout the organisation and reduce risk;
  • Access knowledge and information needed to drive competitive advantage;
  • Monitor tactical initiatives to measure their effectiveness against the strategic plan;
  • Capture 'one version of the truth' and thereby eliminate information silos within the business;
  • Link qualitative information and relevant quantitative information.
  • Drive business value and outperform competitors.

Visibility, Ease of use, Quick ROI – PRONTO-Xi is the right fit for your Service business.

A key success factor in Facilities Management (FM) / Service is the ability to be proactive in a traditionally reactive industry.

Pronto Software offers a one-stop shop to help you manage your business and streamline your operations, through our depth and breadth of product designed for the Service sector.

Our modular and flexible products means you buy only what you need. And our integrated offering ensures a quick ROI – for example, productivity gains are reaped very quickly.

With years of experience working with Service powerhouses such as Chubb, Tyco and Norfolk, Pronto intimately understands the needs of your Service business.

We offer a host of solutions from project costing to capital asset management to effective engineer scheduling enabling you to drive efficiencies and cost savings, creating a positive impact to the bottom line. Importantly, our software is easy to use, with its flexible and rapid implementation, offering powerful tools for total business management.

PRONTO-Xi Service Scheduler for example is a Windows application with an easy to use graphical user interface, ensuring the most effective allocation of resources to increase productivity. A simple drag and drop allows users to allocate calls to available engineers, move calls to another date or time and reallocate a call to one or multiple engineers. The intuitive interface reduces the cost of field service operation and training requirement and improves customer responsiveness with accurate engineer scheduling.

Flexible, Functionality-rich, Reliable – PRONTO-Xi the right fit for your manufacturing business

With accelerating customer demands in a rush order climate, ever increasing product variety and complex materials management, manufacturers today are looking to improve yields and better manage their production lines.

Pronto Software has been committed to delivering a high degree of efficiency to manufacturing operations for over thirty years. We help our customers take manufacturing businesses to the next level by simplifying complex business processes.

PRONTO-Xi Manufacturing sets a new standard for a flexible, functionality-rich and reliable ERP system for manufacturers. Our low risk implementation involving a two phase approach with Shopfloor and Planning Modules, enables you to reap the benefits of technology fast.

PRONTO-Xi Manufacturing seamlessly integrates your entire supply chain from sales to operations, distribution and finance, providing an accurate view of the critical elements in your manufacturing operation. We provide value through the understanding of industry practice and offering products that best suit industry needs.

Maintaining ease of use and up-to-date information to all stakeholders, PRONTO-Xi Manufacturing is trusted by leading companies to handle all common modes of manufacturing including discrete, process and manufacture to order.

Discrete Manufacturing

Pronto Software offers a comprehensive range of solutions to manage the discrete manufacturing process, from manufacturing planning to quality management.

In particular, the PRONTO-Xi Manufacturing Scheduler offers high level visibility of workload versus available capacity, allowing you to manage, sequence and optimise work. A Windows-based drag and drop application, it ensures ease of use and simplifies scheduling and planning for work centres where many jobs are processed simultaneously.

It also assists in managing variations in the current schedule, provides at-a-glance information when priorities have changed or a work centre is unavailable, and highlights the options available to resolve the change of circumstances.

Process Manufacturing

Pronto Software provides solutions to manage process manufacturing that adds value within either batch or continuous production. With our step by step set up from operations, routing sequencing from when components are consumed, and the ability to attach instruction notes, equipment required and the time it takes to perform each operation, PRONTO-Xi integrates all aspects of your plant operations seamlessly.

Manufacturer to Order

Pronto Software offers a comprehensive range of solutions to manage the manufacture to order process, from shopfloor manufacturing to quality management.

PRONTO-Xi Product Configurator offers rich functionalities to support and streamline the manufacturing process.

Using the Configurator, sales orders drive the generation of Bill of Materials (BOMs), simplifying BOM maintenance and inventory management. Benefits of Product Configurator include rationalising order administration, optimising engineering and manufacturing resources, and improving customer service.

Easy to use, Scalable and Reliable – PRONTO-Xi the right fit for your retail business

Even in a slowing economy, there is still a potential for growth. Consumers will continue to spend even though they may be more selective on what they will spend on and when. With a surfeit of choice, consumers also have the liberty to pick and choose where they will spend their dollar. So rather than batten down the hatches until the worst blows over, retailers could adopt a different tack by charting out growth strategies.

PRONTO-Xi Retail will help retailers maximise operational efficiencies and withstand margin pressures. It is a fully integrated, flexible and scalable solution ideally suited to progressive businesses. PRONTO-Xi Retail delivers against key retail requirements including margin control, purchasing and inventory management, visibility and supply chain efficiency.

Control, Visibility and Collaboration – PRONTO-Xi the right fit for your distribution business

With intense pressure to reduce costs, innovate products and expand into new markets, wholesale distributors today are looking to effectively streamline the supply chain processes and improve access to accurate information to gain the competitive edge.

Boasting a customer-first approach, Pronto offers close collaboration with our customers to ensure agile response to needs. Our ability to deliver a tried and tested industry compliant solution is strengthened by our strategic alliance with GS1.

Using PRONTO-Xi Distribution, companies can do more with less. PRONTO-Xi is a scalable and integrated system that helps businesses gain greater control over their operations and better visibility of their inventory. It allows you to be confident of success when working with trading partners – with modules such as EDI, Scanpack, Shipments and WMS.