Independent Maintenance

Independent Maintenance

Helping Your Company to be More Efficient and Effective



he global economic crisis have broad impact on a company’s financial performance. Consequently, the allocation of expenditure was trimmed. Including budgets for information technology (IT).

According to survey conducted by Forrester Research says that now 43% of companies cut IT budgets in anticipation of the ongoing economic crisis. Meanwhile, 24% more to defer investment. On the other hand, the demand for the company to become more competitive becomes larger in the midst of economic crisis. Companies management push IT department to optimize their existing IT infrastructure to maintain competitiveness and provides growth. It also includes requirement for IT managers to be more creative and innovative in managing their maintenance budget.

The fact is those existing infrastructure and supporting facilities are not necessarily replaced on regular basis every year, but maintenance is mandatory to extend those supporting facilities life cycle. Moreover, to utilize existing software often do not needs to use most advanced equipment. In this case, the company can upgrade the memory, disk and processor as well as maintaining – if principal services are no more available (Withdrawn from: manufacturing, sales and support). It just a matter on how to manage maintenance cost efficiently and effectively without compromising quality or risk. And, business can still running without interruption.

Pratesis Independent Maintenance provides this risk-free efficient and effective maintenance process for your company. With more than 20 years experience on this field, in fact we are the first in Indonesia to IBM and Sun Microsystems products; means Pratesis have the ability to provide maintenance independently the principal in terms of: technical support, the provision of spare parts and the backup machine, provision of employment services and upgrade the processor, memory and other features.

Some benefits of our services are:

  • Competitive price without sacrificing quality, total cost of ownership is lower.
  • Investment protection, because we will guarantee longer life spent of the. hardware, even after the principal redraw production, sales, and support.
  • We also provides backup of spare parts and hardware.
  • Including providing preventive maintenance on a regular basis, by checking the system regularly.
  • Your hardware will be handled by our qualified experienced technicians, mastering multi-platform, both the system and brand.
  • Quick respond and completion time, with flexible price scheme.