Sales Force Automation


emand for access to business information and applications through mobile technologies is surging as consumer preferences and behavior spill over into the business workforce. The massive growth of adoption of these technologies around the world has many business managers wondering how to effectively position their firms to benefit from the trend. The drive for mobility is part of the business technology agenda for most companies today.

Mobile IT devices can also change the way your company does business – new technologies lead to new ways of working, and new products and services that can be offered to your customers. They can make your team more efficient, more creative, and more valuable to your clients.

Along with the progress of the company’s business and the higher competition in business, to win the competition we need a solution that can improve company performance. Sales force is the important element in the company, if provided with an appropriate solution to improve performance will have a big impact on corporate earnings. That’s why you need Sales Force Automation Solution.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) is an application running on the mobile devices, used to assist sales person records orders or sales outlets. SFA is integrated with Scylla Software, where the product master data, master outlets, visits, stock, billing data, outlets historical data will be loaded from the Scylla Software to SFA, before the sales person set off to make a deal. Later, after the sales person returned, data orders/sales will be loaded back into Scylla Software, so administrators does not have do data input.

Currently we’ve already served FMCG and Pharmaceutical industry.

Some benefits using Sales Force Automation Application

  • Improve average selling time
  • Remove operator key-in error
  • Easier to capture New Outlet
  • Reduce wrong shipment
  • Improve collection
  • Faster sales achievement report
  • Faster and accurate payment settlement

Sales Force Automation has the following features

  • Recording Sales Transactions ( Taking Order & Canvassing)
  • Fully integrated with Scylla software in the distributor side
  • User friendly for sales person
  • Have the ability to read barcodes
  • Have the ability to print
  • Have the ability to send orders via GPRS
  • Seamless integration with Scylla Pro
  • Can be integrated with other ERP

Sales Force Automation modules

  • Info Module: Contains major information needed by sales person
  • Collection Module: Handling collection activities.
  • Sales Module:Taking order transaction, a function to handle sales person’s Taking Order transaction
  • Sales Module: Canvassing transaction, a function to handle sales person’s canvassing transaction.
  • Delivery Module: Handling good delivey.

Other features

  • Competitor’s activity in the outlet, this additional facility can capture the activities carried out by a competitor in the field.
  • Returns the transaction, this facility will record sales person’s returning goods from the outlet.