Cloud Computing


nline with Pratesis’ goal to serve its customers with one of the latest Business Technologies, we provide DynaLabs Cloud a Private Cloud service suitable for Enterprises. Built on a secure, stable & well proven cloud platform, you have the choice to avail of Virtual Private Cloud or VPS Cloud or Cloud Appliance.  Should you prefer a high level of security or you want to comply with the Data Sovereignty Law, our Cloud Appliance can be installed on-premise in your own Data Center behind your corporate firewall.

There are many benefits to follow the cloud computing model as follows:

  • Organizations can save their operational costs by cloud computing without investing on the hardware.
  • It helps very much in data center management and software development.
  • It provides the feature of mobility like the user can work from anywhere in the world.
  • More data can be stored than a personal computer
  • More flexible with time saving.
  • Organizations can share their resources remotely.

These are the some common benefits which companies get by following this concept. It is being growing and used by many private and government organizations. They are able to minimize the costs and increase productivity. Cloud computing also integrates with recently used and latest software, social networking sites and web based services. In this way it connects the users and customers in a single location.

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