Line of Services

We are committed to constantly upgrade our products/services, processes and personal knowledge to be ready at all times to confront current challenges and anticipate future changes. Here are our present line of services.

Distribution Management

Distribution is all about getting your product/service to the right people at the right time with special consideration for profit and effectiveness.Being in a major distribution operation, you have to deal with a lot of things, particularly when you cover an expanded geographical area. Different categories of products. Multiple discount structures. Thousands of customers – large, medium and small. How would you manage all of them? How would you control your inventory levels? How would you improve your company bottom line? We have the answer.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

The fundamental advantage of ERP is that integrating the myriad processes by which businesses operate saves time and expense. Decisions can be made more quickly and with fewer errors. ERP is intended to facilitate information sharing, business planning, and decision making on an enterprise-wide basis. ERP acts as a planning backbone for a company’s business processes. We offer you a reliable-proven-robust ERP solution for your company. We present Pronto Xi.

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Managed Services

Does your organization really have time and resources to handle server outages, network or database downtime, application breakdown, security intrusions, poor performing servers, databases, applications, or other IT interruptions? Do you have confidence your systems are protected against viruses and other security issues? Are you sure you are in compliance with software licensing and government regulations? Are you systems really backed up on a regular basis, and can you reliably recover data from those backups in case of an emergency, be it an accidental deletion or a disaster at your site?We keep an eye on your IT systems for you!

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Cloud Computing

Dynalabs is our Private Cloud service division, where your business applications are placed in particular Data Center Unit (DCU) which is dedicated specifically for your company needs. Usage of Cloud Computing is growing and widely used by many private and government organizations. Tiered administration system on Pratesis Private Cloud provides admin the authority to fully regulate privileges to its users. And if your company needs an even higher security, our On-Premise solution can be the answer because “Your Private Cloud” will be placed in your own datacenter and runs behind your corporate firewall.

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