About Pratesis

PRATESIS story is a story of constantly moving up to higher levels. Improvement is the single-word credo that has been leading our company ever since its establishment in 1987.


RATESIS is a steadily growing company with an aspiration to be a leading IT products and services provider in Indonesia, has ridden the ups and downs of the local IT market in the last fifteen years. The fact that the company still survives all the hard times proves our resilience. We have also demonstrated our ability to continue our journey of growth with an expanding list of long-term, highly satisfied customers. Having served the Indonesian IT market from our headquarters in Jakarta as well as our branch in Surabaya since 1987, we have grown into one of the leading IT services providers in Indonesia. Over the years we have accumulated the skills, knowledge and strategic alliances with leading technology providers. We leverage our combined strength to ensure that our growing customer base achieve their business goals. Our technical teams have helped boost the efficiency of customers’ business operations. We have also helped customers whose nationwide operations reaches the far corners of the archipelago, because we know that IT should have no boundary. We will help you:

  • Utilize IT to solve specific business problems,
  • Ensure a timely return on your investment,
  • Increase the efficiency of your operations,
  • Integrate your IT infrastructure,
  • Optimize your existing systems,
  • Obtain locally developed solutions to support your business operations, including your operations at the front end,
  • Prepare your Disaster Recovery Plan and build your Disaster Recovery Center, and
  • Build your end-to-end network infrastructure,
  • Develop custom applications for your specific business needs.

Who are our customers?

  • Businesses wishing to maximize the efficiency and reduce the costs across their entire organizations
  • Businesses seeking help with their system integration and business application optimization tasks
  • Businesses seeking to achieve rapid return on their IT investments
  • Businesses that require our vast experience in Business Continuity to help them devise their Disaster Recovery Plan and build their Disaster Recovery Center.

Our Vision & Core Values


In everything we do, we strive to deliver the BEST & the most DISTINCTIVE results to satisfy our customers and enhance our company image at all times.

  • We do things right by applying the best practices.
  • We ensure that our outputs and services add value in a timely manner


We conduct our business and ourselves with the highest degree of competence and honesty.

  • We make good on our commitments.
  • We deliver the results we promise.
  • We do our business dealings above-board.
  • We speak well of our company and adhere to its rules.
  • We observe confidentiality and stay away from any form of conflict of interest.


We take prompt and proactive action to accomplish goals and provide solutions.

  • We anticipate changes and create opportunities.
  • We respond immediately when confronted with challenges.
  • We implement new ideas and innovative solutions.
  • We openly communicate our ideas to enhance organizational effectiveness.


As we recognize differences among us, we make every effort to collaborate with each other to achieve corporate goals.

  • We respect each other’s opinion.
  • We listen and seek to understand what the other is feeling and saying.
  • We cooperate with one another to pursue win-win strategies.
  • We find alignment in thoughts and actions to obtain optimum results.


We work together to produce results greater than the sum of our individual efforts.

  • We leverage on each other’s individual expertise and creativity to get the best solution and output.
  • We support each other by sharing ideas and knowledge.
  • We are accountable to each other to encourage each one of us to contribute to our mutual goals.


We develop our own leaders by creating in individuals a sense of ownership in jobs and encouraging them to stretch beyond their current capabilities.

  • Our leaders systematically coach us to prepare us for higher responsibilities.
  • Our leaders offer help without removing our individual responsibility to take action.
  • Our leaders delegate tasks and authority to guide us to take on responsibility.
  • We take stock of our own capabilities and accept new responsibilities.
  • We deliver the results we are responsible for.


We are committed to constantly upgrade our products/services, processes and personal knowledge to be ready at all times to confront current challenges and anticipate future changes.

  • We keep learning both as individuals and as an organization.
  • We keep ourselves updated of the current developments in human resource, information, technology, government, regulations and processes in industries where we have business interests.
  • We make a personal decision to develop ourselves.